I Never felt more confident and fabulous than when I was wearing this outfit. Seriously looking forward to more amazing design in the future.
— Nova Aura

The Idea

Our mission at kbam clothing co is to provide a range of clothing to transgender women of all sizes and stages in their transition. We set out to create cute clothing that not only fits the trans body, but brings out your feminine figure. In boosting self confidence, fashion shows and other modeling opportunities are used to encourage and advance transwomen.

Transwomen are Women.

Style & Quality

Producing a range of garments including lingerie, RTW and evening wear allows trans girls to express themselves at any event. Quality is of our upmost importance. Throughout this process we love to hear feedback and how you love our garments.

If you have any comment, concerns or even suggestions please feel free to contact us.

100% Handmade

All of our garments are hand made and processed by myself, Melissa Atkinson. Majority of the garment are hand dyed to produce unique quality garments. It allows a range of options to provide each girl the opportunity to express themselves a little more freely through clothing. All garments are hand dyed in small batches, which can cause slight changes in dye lots, but insures a beautiful dye.


About the Designer: Melissa Atkinson

Graduating in August 2019 from Kent State University, I have studied fashion design for 7 years concentrating in Textile Arts and Metals/Jewlery. I completed my certificate at the Paris American Academy in 2015 for Haute Couture Techniques. I am involved in fashions shows ranging from dressing to designing. Quick changing for Kent’s Annual Fashion Shows and Paris Haute Couture Fashion week, as well as designing for Kent State’s Annual Fashion Show and Omaha Fashion Week, has lead to establishing KBAM. A close friend of mine came out to me last summer, so we started researching something cute she could wear; the problem was, there was hardly any options that would fit or weren’t offensive. I am creating clothing for trans women to give them confidence in what they wear, like every other women has. My passion is providing support and making garments for these lovely ladies and people!